Sushi Party

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Sushi Party is a multiplayer snake game with a Japanese style. Your snake's food is sushi. Let's collect as much sushi as possible to become the leading snake! Like other snake games, this new game has the familiar gameplay but there is a unique item, sushi.

Familiar Snake Gameplay

In Sushi Party, the main characters are snakes that will represent the players to participate in battles. In the arena, snakes will compete in a closed battlefield for high rankings on the leaderboard. To accomplish this goal, your snake needs to eat as much sushi as possible. Sushi will help your snake increase in size. The bigger the snake, the higher the rank.

There are two ways to collect sushi. You can collect them from free sushi on the map or kill other snakes. Sushi from killing other snakes will give you significant growth.

Besides collecting sushi, it is important to avoid collisions with other snakes. To avoid collisions, control skills will be the decisive factor. To control your snake, use the mouse, WASD, or Arrows.

All Sushi Party Modes

In this snake game, there are 2 modes: Singleplayer and 2 Players.

  • In Singleplayer mode, this Sushi Party game has familiar gameplay with the details above.
  • In 2-player mode, snake gameplay is maintained, but the number of players on the same device will change. Two players will join the same arena on the same device. These two snakes will not be able to harm each other. To control, you just need to use WASD for snake 1 and Arrows for snake 2.