Super Buddy Kick 2

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Super Buddy Kick 2 is an effective pressure-relieving game where you can hit, kick, and attack your buddy at will with a variety of weapons. This online game will bring you special experiences because you can attack a doll without any worry.

Super Buddy Kick 2 Weapons

The weapons in this online game are diverse as you can use them to attack. Some of the prominent weapons are guns, grenades, bombs, knives, and gear. Each weapon has different characteristics. You can follow some typical examples below.

  • Guns are the most popular weapons in online games. To use the gun, you just need to touch it. The guns will automatically fire bullets. It is challenging to control the gun's firing direction because you cannot hold it up.
  • Grenades are another common weapon in this new game. Grenades appear less often than guns, but they have a larger area of effect. You also just need to touch the grenades to detonate.
  • Knives will deliver classic damage with sharp cuts. With each click, the knife can move and attack the buddy. However, the knives can also move against your will.

Attack Without Weapons

Besides weapons, you can also attack objects with punches or kicks. You can attack anywhere on your buddy's body such as the head, legs, arms, or body. The special thing is buddy's smile. Buddy always smiles despite being attacked. It will impress you while releasing stress on a doll.

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