Subway Surf Zurich

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Subway Surf Zurich takes players to the land of Zurich to run through trains. Facing crowded trains, how long can you conquer in this running game?

Subway Surf Series

Welcome to the Subway Surf Zurich game, one of the famous Subway Surf versions! This game series stands out for exciting races with a little boy. The mischievous boy runs from one land to another to conquer adventures.

When participating in the Subway Surf game series, players are impressed with the fast-paced gameplay, beautiful graphics, and impressive effects. Each feature of this game series brings good experiences and Subway Surf Zurich is similar. Let's learn about this Zurich version before entering the official races.

The Subway Surf Zurich Version

Coming to this new version, players will come to a new land, Zurich.

The Online Zurich Land

Coming to the Zurich edition, you will experience some typical elements of Zurich, a city in Switzerland. The scenes and locations have been designed based on Zurich's distinctive architecture and style. You can see tall buildings, cobbled stone streets, and beautiful Alpine landscapes.

Gameplay Of Subway Surf Zurich

This new version has similar gameplay, where you control the main character on subway tracks and avoid obstacles while collecting money and scores. You can run, jump, and slide across the platforms to avoid colliding with obstacles and prevent being caught by the chasing security person.

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