Super Mario Bros Riders

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Super Mario Bros Riders will take you on obstacle-filled races with the legendary Mario. This character will take you to a promised land with a green dinosaur.

Wonderful Mario Land

Mario land is open again in the Super Mario Bros Riders game! Previously, players enjoyed this land in Cat Mario with the character Cat. It's a Mario version with a Japanese style. With this new version, players can enjoy the original Mario land with the famous Mario character.

Mario is a plumber with a red shirt and striking blue halo. This character is associated with the childhood of many players and now, you can reminisce about this character with this online Mario version.

Play Super Mario Bros Riders Online

This online game is similar to other games when it gives you tasks and challenges.

Mario's New Mission

In Super Mario Bros Riders, players will control Mario to move through new lands. During the move, Mario must avoid dangers and collect coins. Dangers can be obstacles, traps, or enemies. Use your jumping ability to conquer all these dangers!

Controls Of Super Mario Bros Riders

Mario character will automatically run forward and you just need to click on the screen to jump.