Stick Merge Halloween

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Stick Merge Halloween is a Halloween anniversary version of the Stick Merge game series where enjoying the Halloween theme while shooting is the primary goal. Are you ready to enjoy your coming Halloween and this shooting game in a new way?

Shoot With a Halloween Theme

In Stick Merge Halloween, you will immerse yourself in the Halloween gaming world with shooting gameplay. This characteristic is clearly expressed through characters, environments, and minigames.

Halloween-Inspired Characters and Environments

The characters and environments in this Stick Merge Halloween game are inspired by familiar spooky Halloween items.

Characters are designed with many diverse versions. You can unlock characters by using collected gems or completing quests. Basic and epic characters are ready for you to use gems. In contrast, the legendary characters are special as you can quest through special event quests. For example, you can kill 30 spooky birds in battles to unlock the minelayer character. In particular, legendary characters are often designed with special themes like Halloween or Christmas. Don't forget to unlock them to enjoy your holidays!

The environment is also a significant element in this new version. The gaming environment will have Halloween items such as spider webs, pumpkins, and spooky enemies. Your opponents are cosplayed as monsters, skeletons, or mummies. The background in Stick Merge Halloween is also always dark to match the game's theme.

Stick Merge Halloween Minigame

This online game offers you a minigame with pumpkins. Entering this minigame, you will shoot down pumpkins and avoid explosives. Besides, the minigame also limits the number of missed pumpkins. You only have 3 chances to miss the pumpkins before the game ends.

Pumpkins are a familiar Halloween item. This minigame is a unique combination of shooting gameplay and Halloween theme.

Stick Merge Halloween Gameplay

The gameplay of this game includes merging and shooting missions.

  • Merge: You will combine two guns of the same level to create a new gun in Stick Merge Halloween. This gun will have greater power than low-level guns. Besides, the amount of stored ammunition is also greater. With powerful guns, you can gain more benefits in battles. To merge, you can add guns or receive free guns.
  • Shoot: This shooting mission will give you coins and gems to unlock weapons and characters. Every day, enemies will attack your town. Destroy them with the strongest gun during the merging process.