Stick Merge

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Stick Merge is a shooting game that combines idle gameplay to match guns together to create new weapons and shoot down all the enemies hiding ahead. Are you ready to join challenges with your stickman?

Challenges With Stickman

The main character in this Stick Merge game is a stickman and you will accompany him to conquer challenges. Challenges will appear during the completion of the mission. In this game, you have two main missions. As a result, you will face two outstanding challenges.

  • The first task is to combine guns to create a new gun. The new gun will be more powerful than the old gun. To accomplish this goal, you need to make sure the two guns are at the same level. Besides, to buy guns, you need enough coins.
  • The second mission is to destroy the enemies in desert battles. In these battles, you will face a lot of enemies and those enemies can also attack you. Besides, your ammo is limited and it takes time to reload.

Way To Complete Stick Merge

For the challenges mentioned above, you need to have your own strategies to conquer them. You can refer to some suggestions below.

  • Create the highest level gun possible. A high-level gun will bring you many benefits in terms of damage, ammo, and coins. It will allow you to attack enemies more accurately and give you more coins.
  • Participate in battles regularly to receive many valuable rewards. You can also gain a lot of experience to participate in the next battles.