Snow Ball Racing

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Snow Ball Racing is a race between you and other stickmen to create a giant snowball and move across bridges to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Get started now to enjoy the most exciting competitions! This competition is faster than Parkour Block 5 because you can not control your character speed.

Snow Ball Racing Competitions

Competitions in this online game will take place between stickmen characters. Your character is also a stickman with a unique color. Other competitors will also have their own colors. At the beginning of the game, you need to move quickly.

When your character moves, you will create a snowball. The snowball will get bigger and bigger as you move. When you find it big enough, move confidently across the bridge. The bridge only allows you to pass when the ball is full size. If it is smaller, you will fall over the cliff. Note that you need to run across a bridge of the same color as you. After crossing a bridge, you can continue to create new snowballs to move around. A match can have many bridges for you. Quickly move faster than your opponents to create advantages and gain victory.

How to Control Characters

It is easy to control your character as you just need to use the mouse to slide. When you slide, your character will also move in the direction of the mouse.