Poor Eddie

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Poor Eddie is a puzzle game with a simple goal: get Eddie to his destination while avoiding all dangers. You can interact with Eddie and support items. How can you interact with other objects and what danger can you face? Let's see in the next sections!

Ways To Interact With Eddie

In Poor Eddie, you need to interact with Eddie and support items to complete the goal. For interaction, the game gives every player two options.

  • Using the mouse: You just need to use your mouse to select an object and click to interact. When you click on Eddie, Eddie will move forward. With support items, these items will perform their functions.
  • Using hotkeys: Hotkeys are the spacebar and arrow keys. Use the arrow keys to change objects and press the spacebar to interact. The effects will be the same as when you use a mouse.

These two controls are simple to execute to achieve your goal. The challenge of the game is the puzzles with dangerous obstacles.

Poor Eddie Dangers At Levels

The dangers at each level will gradually increase with complexity. Obstacles will appear with higher frequency and their danger will also be higher. Besides, support items also include more genres. You'll need to understand how the obstacles and support items work to have the right interactions with Eddie.