Onet Connect Classic

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Play Onet Connect Classic to connect 2 of the same pictures in an animal, fruit, or food field to remove all pictures on the playing board in a limited time. When playing this new connecting game, you will see the similarities and differences compared to other connecting games.

Connecting Game Comparations

For online games, players can recognize similar and different characteristics. Based on these characteristics, the game will create outstanding features to attract players. Let's learn about the similarities and differences of this new connecting game!

Same Gameplay

In Onet Connect Classic, players can still experience the familiar connecting gameplay. You will connect two similar pictures to remove them. However, these two pictures need to meet one requirement: use at most 3 lines to connect. If two pictures are blocked by other pictures, it will be impossible to connect.

In addition, like Bloxorz with 33+ levels, this online game also gives you many different levels and limited time for each level. You need to remove all the pictures within the time limit to complete a level.

The Uniqueness Of Onet Connect Classic

This new game features different supporting items. Support items include Screen Rotation and Hints. These two support items will have a limited number of uses. Usually, other games only limit the number of times you can use Hints. Screen Rotation is automatic whenever players cannot continue to connect. However, this new game also limits the number of screen rotations.

Time And Score In Onet Connect Classic

At each level, you have 5 minutes to complete.

In terms of score, you will get 100 points for each successful connection in Onet Connect Classic.