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Bloxorz is a block-moving game where your block needs to stand on the target point to complete a level. There will be special switches to take you to portals. Are you ready to challenge your intelligence with 33+ levels?

33+ Bloxorz Levels

There are 33 levels for all players to challenge their wits and solve puzzles. The puzzles require players to move their blocks to a destination to win.

To move, you just need to use the arrow keys. This special way of moving is similar to Poor Eddie where you can also use the arrow keys to change the object being interacted with. While moving, you need to avoid falling off the edge of the platforms. If this happens, that level will restart.

Some Special Switches

In Bloxorz, players can use special switches to aid movement.

Bridge Bloxorz Switches

There are two bridge switches: an X-shaped switch and a circular switch. X-shaped switches are also called heavy switches because your block needs to stand on this button to activate. In contrast, the circular switch is a soft switch. Your block just touch this button to activate.

After activating these two switches, the bridges can be opened or closed. All effects depend on the game's mechanics. However, you can also distinguish by the color of the bridges. Green bridges can open and close. Red bridges can only be closed or open.

Moving Switches

A special switch with two semicircles will help you move from one position to another. This switch is extremely useful if the bridges are ineffective. In particular, your block can be divided into 2 equal parts to continue the journey.