Midnight Mice

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Midnight Mice is a treasure hunt game with a mouse and a dark lord. Control the mouse in the maze, collect pieces of cheese, and avoid shadow attacks.

Midnight Mice Overviews

In this new game, players can transform into a mouse to perform missions.

Missions As A Mouse

In Midnight Mice, the mouse's tasks are your mission to get high scores.

At the beginning of the mission, you need to move through a maze to collect pieces of cheese. The cheese pieces will give you valuable points. In particular, you can collect as much cheese as possible to get the highest score. This Midnight Mice game is endless for all the players to show off their abilities. However, there are difficulties from the position of the cheese and the attacks of the dark lord.

Challenges In Midnight Mice

First, the game will challenge your control ability with the positions of the cheese. The cheese can appear anywhere on the map. After each collection, the cheese will change position. In addition, you have to move through a maze, so moving is difficult for many players of Midnight Mice.

Second, the dark lord's attacks can put you in danger. These attacks will destroy an area. If you move in that area, your mouse will be destroyed and the game will end.

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