Monkey Mart

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With $35 to start your business, can you develop Monkey Mart to become an online supermarket? Run and perform all missions in this special monkey world!

Start With 35$

Welcome to this Monkey Mart game with special gameplay! You will participate in the operation and management of a mart in the monkey world. The special thing is you only have $35 to get started. With this $35, what can you do?

First, you can use $10 to build a payment counter. Second, Let's use $20 for the banana shelf. Finally, you can grow a banana tree for $5.

With this start, you can produce your first product: bananas. However, this is just the beginning of your work in Monkey Mart. After that, there are many other tasks to develop your mart into a supermarket.

Developing Your Monkey Mart

To develop your mart, the first task is to increase income and expand stalls.

Earn Collect And Expand Stalls

You can earn income by selling bananas to monkeys in Monkey Mart. The sales process includes transporting bananas from the banana tree to the shelf and receiving money from customers from the payment counter.

With the income, you can grow more banana trees and start new products like growing corn or raising chickens.

Manage Monkey Mart and Hire Employees

There are more and more products and you have a lot of work to do, so hiring more employees will help you a lot. After hiring employees, you need to manage them to avoid laziness in Monkey Mart.

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