Magic Cat Academy

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Are you ready to join Magic Cat Academy and become a cat to eliminate all ghosts? This game will challenge your drawing ability to complete all 5 levels. These 5 levels will have unique themes and challenges for all players to explore.

Themes and Challenges of All Levels

In Magic Cat Academy, you can experience and conquer 5 levels with different themes and challenges. Are you ready to join each level?

Magic Cat Academy Themes

The theme of the whole game is a magic academy where a cat is studying. However, each level will take place with its own themes. Level 1 will take place in the library while level 2 will come to the cafeteria. In the next levels, you will gradually experience the laboratory, sports field, and campus of the academy. Each level will have its own background with an appropriate theme.

This diversity not only brings excitement to the players but also shows the enthusiasm of the developers. Let's play and explore each area of the academy!

Challenges at Each Level

Each level will have its own challenges. For example, in level 1, you will face a librarian ghost while the level has the appearance of a pot ghost. These two ghosts are suitable for the library theme in level 1 and the cafeteria theme in level 2. It is similar to levels 3 and level 4 when you face a chemical ghost and a supervisor ghost.

In particular, at level 5, the boss ghost appears and it is the ultimate challenge of this Magic Cat Academy game. This 5th battle will bring you many difficulties and challenges.

Although there are different themes and challenges, all of these levels share one common feature: gameplay.

Magic Cat Academy Gameplay

Like Magic Cat Academy 2, the drawing gameplay is still maintained. You need to draw symbols corresponding to the symbols above the ghosts' heads to destroy them. When drawing, you need to pay attention to the following notes.

  • You need to draw in the order of the symbols.
  • Ghosts with the same symbols can be destroyed at the same time.
  • Magic Cat Academy game provides some special symbols such as hearts and lightning bolts to give you superpowers.
  • You only have 5 hearts to fight the enemies.