Infinite Craft

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Infinite Craft is a logic game to create an online ecosystem based on elements such as water, wind, and others. Let's create the most logical world possible.

About Infinite Craft

This online game opens a new world for all players to create an ecosystem. This Infinite Craft game will provide Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. These elements are extremely familiar to players because they are based on reality.

By joining Infinite Craft, you can have fun after a tiring day of work. If you are stressed, try participating in this pixel game for fun.

This Pixel Gameplay

In Infinite Craft, you can enjoy arcade gameplay similar to Watermelon Drop game. These two games both bring you a peaceful and creative world. In Infinite Craft, you can place elements on the playing screen. Between the elements, there is an invisible connection. Please rely on this connection to create an ideal ecosystem.

Note that you can place an infinite number of elements and unlock new ones.