Watermelon Drop

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Play Watermelon Drop to create giant watermelons by combining smaller ones. This game can become endless if you can take advantage of merging fruits.

About Watermelon Drop

This new puzzle game is an online version of the Watermelon Drop game. The game allows players to enjoy the fun and challenges of this game right on the internet. When playing this dropping game, you can experience Merge Fruits-like challenges. However, the two games have their own characteristics, especially in fruits and graphics.

The Watermelon Drop game has more outstanding graphics with meticulously designed fruits. However, because it's too meticulous, the fruits don't look very fresh. In addition, these two games both focus on merging gameplay, so puzzles are always ready for players to challenge.

Merging Challenges

In this Watermelon Drop game, players must merge as many fruits as possible and the biggest goal is watermelons. However, to create watermelons, it is not easy because watermelons take a lot of space and time to create. Meanwhile, this puzzle game is limited to board playing. If the fruits reach the limit line, this merging game will end. In terms of time, this Watermelon Drop game is unlimited.