Imposter Battle Royale

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The playing rules of Imposter Battle Royale

Become an imposter and join a breathtaking fight in Imposter Battle Royale now. Combine two identical guns to create a stronger one and shoot down rivals.

Merge your weapons

At the start of the game, you need to merge two identical guns to create a new and more powerful gun. When there are no more guns in your inventory, you can use your coins to buy new guns in the shop and continue to merge them. Note that these guns can generate coins automatically. The stronger the gun is, the more coins it can generate.

Choose the game mode

After getting a strong gun, you can start the fight now. Like Agar.io, this game also allows you to select between many game modes with different playing rules.

  • Survival: In this mode, you need to take part in a survival battle with the other 6 players from all over the world. Shoot down all imposters in the space station to become the last standing man. If you win the fight, you will get one star. Try to accumulate three stars to raise your rank from novice to brawler.
  • Chaos: If your rank is brawler, you can unlock the Chaos mode. In this mode, you will play as chaos in the space station. Your enemies are police imposters who want to stop you. You must kill all police imposters in the arena to get a victory.
  • Invasion: In this mode, you need to invade the lands of other imposters.
  • CTF: This game mode is only unlocked when you reach the battler rank. In this mode, you must capture the flags of other imposters to become the victor.
  • Alien Crisis: The final game mode in this game is Alien Crisis. You must reach the marauder rank to unlock this game mode. Your mission is to take down all alien imposters who attack your space station.

How to control

Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to move.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press an E key to pick up items.