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Granny is a horror survival game in a scary house. An old lady is always looking for you and stopping your escape from this scary house. Be careful!

How to control

Granny game uses the control set below:

  • WASD - Move
  • C - Crouch and stand
  • E - Pick up objects and interact with them
  • R - Hide and unhide
  • Spacebar - Drop
  • F - Remove or set bear traps
  • Left click - Attack

You can move freely around the house, find and use items, hide, and attack opponents. All of these actions can be performed if you use the control keys above. Please understand their functions before entering official survival battles.

Granny's request

This horror game requires the players to survive and escape from the house.

To survive, you must avoid Granny's pursuit. Granny can hear sounds, so stay as quiet as possible. In addition, don't forget to run and hide in safe locations like under beds, boxes, or closets. This method helps you hide from Granny effectively.

In addition, don't forget to find the exit to escape this scary house. You can find clues in any location. Use them to find the exit.

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