Five Nights At Freddy's

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Five Nights At Freddy's is a horror game where animatronics attack you at any time. For 5 nights at a pizzeria, you must fend off these terrifying creatures.

Scary FNAF Creatures

In Five Nights At Freddy's, you will face animatronics. The animatronics are abandoned toys and they always look for humans at night to take revenge. With these resentments, players can be attacked by them at any time.

In addition, their appearance is also extremely scary. Animatronics appear in the darkness with scary faces. Players can be attacked by them or make plans to stop them. Will you be able to take action against these terrifying creatures? Let's go to the next part for more suggestions about this horror game!

Fight With Five Nights At Freddy's

Every night at FNAF is like a fight between the players and the animatronics. If you play Five Nights At Freddy's 4, the recent version, you will clearly recognize this feature.

How Animatronics Attack You

The animatronics in Five Nights At Freddy's can move freely thanks to the darkness in the pizzeria. They will move and approach you slowly. For 5 nights, you are always in the guard room and the animatronics know it. They will approach the guard room and enter through the door to attack you. If you let the animatronics enter the guard room, the FNAF game will be over.

How to Protect Yourself in Five Nights At Freddy's

To combat the animatronics, you can use a camera system to monitor all other areas. If you can spot the animatronics in other areas, you can find ways to counter them. You can turn the lights off or on to chase away the animatronics or close the door to protect yourself. However, doors and lights both have limited power sources, so you can only use them for a limited time.