Google Halloween Game

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Google Halloween Game is a multi-player Halloween game from Google. Enjoy your Halloween by collecting as many spirit flames to your base as possible! Halloween is coming and what will you do to enjoy this holiday? Let's start the game to begin this wonderful holiday!

Google Halloween Gameplay

This Halloween game was inspired by children's trick-or-treating during this holiday. Traditionally, children will go door-to-door asking for candy in the area for Halloween. This game is similar but you will collect soul flames instead of candy. Soul flames are scattered across the map and you just need to touch it to collect. After that, return to your base to earn points. If you do not return to base, the soul flames can be stolen by members of the opposing team.

Competition During Halloween

To make this Google Halloween Game more interesting, you will participate in a competition to find the team that collects more soul flames. Each match will last 2 minutes and includes a green team and a purple team. Each team will have 4 members. Therefore, this online game is not only competition but also cooperation between you and other members.

To make this competitive game even more thrilling, you can steal the opposing team's soul fire before they move back to base. Tap on their soul's tail to perform this action!