Geometry Jump

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Geometry Jump is a famous jumping game with a cube character and other states. Jump over extreme challenges with your skilled jumping ability.

How to play

Welcome to Geometry Jump, an online game focused on control. Instead of combat abilities like Madness Accelerant, your control abilities will undergo a test. Let's learn about the controls of this Geometry Jump game first!

How to control

To control this Geometry game, you can use one of the following 4 keys.

  • W KEY

All four keys have the same effect: your character jumps.

How to win

This Geometry Jump game is divided into 15 levels. You can conquer a level if you can move towards your destination safely.

During movement, you have to avoid all obstacles such as spikes, blocks, or walls. Every collision causes your cube character to break.

15 levels of Geometry Jump

15 levels are displayed on the main screen and you can play any level. These 15 levels have common characteristics.

  • Simple controls with 4 basic keys.
  • Various dangerous obstacles.
  • Space portals that cause your character to change status.
  • Each state has different moves.

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