Bad Time Simulator

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About Bad Time Simulator

Welcome to Bad Time Simulator which is the most challenging skill game. Take caution with different attacks of Sans and survive as long as possible.

If you want to test your dodging skill, this game is a great choice. In this game, you will encounter Sans from the game Undertale. Sans will attack you constantly by launching bones and lasers. Therefore, you need to guide your heart to move left, right, up, or down to evade the attacks. Pay attention to the blood bar at the bottom of the screen. If the heart gets hit by the bones or lasers, the amount of blood in the blood bar will reduce. When the blood bar is empty, you will lose. Therefore, try to keep the heart safe at all times and complete all levels in the game.

How to control

Press a Z key to choose.

Press the arrow keys to control the heart to move.

Frequently asked questions?

1. How many game modes are in Bad Time Simulator?

Like Assault Bots, you can choose between many game modes when playing this game. There are a total of 5 game modes including Normal Mode, Practice Mode, Endless Mode, Single Attack, and Custom Attack. If you want to practice first, choose the Practice Mode. If you want to play many levels with different degrees of difficulty, you can choose the Normal Mode. The Endless Mode will bring you an endless fight against Sans. The Single Attack mode allows you to choose one of many attacks and learn to evade it. Finally, if you want to make your own custom sans attacks, you can select the Custom Attack mode.

2. What is the ending of Bad Time Simulator?

At the end of the game, Sans will use his hands to attack you. If you can evade his ultimate attack, he will acknowledge your victory.