Assault Bots

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About Assault Bots

Assault Bots is an entertaining multiplayer shooting game featuring many game modes and maps. Are you ready to join the fight between humans and aliens?

The fights in the game

Like Bloxd io, this game also offers many game modes. Specifically, you need to choose between three game modes which are Bot Battles, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag. Then, you must choose between 4 game maps which are Desert, Martian Wasteland, Winter, and Green Canyons. Next, let’s choose the level of difficulty. I suggest you should try the easy level first and then challenge yourself with the hard level. After that, you can choose to play online with many players from all over the world or play offline with computer players Finally, click the Play button to join the battle between humans and aliens. The aliens plan to invade the Earth. If you are human, protect the Earth at all costs. If you are an alien, you need to try to defeat humans to capture the Earth successfully.

It is an opportunity for you to show off the shooting skill that you learned in Bullet Force. If you play the Bot Battles mode, your opponents are all robots in the arena. However, if you play the Team Deathmatch mode, your rivals are members of the opposite team. The objective of these modes is to shoot down as many enemies as possible. However, if you play the Capture The Flag mode, your goal is to capture as many flags as possible in the arena before the opposite team does that. Keep in mind that shooting at the back of the robot will cause the most damage while shooting at the front of the robot will cause the least damage.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Use a 1 or 2-key to change the weapon

Click the left mouse button to aim and shoot.

Hold the right mouse button to zoom in.

Use the spacebar to use the hand brake.

Use an R key to reload.

Use the Shift key to activate the turbo.

Use a Tab key to open the scoreboard

Use the Esc key to pause the game.

Use an E key to jump.

Use a T key to open the chat.

Customize your robot in Assault Bots

At the start of the fight, you can choose between 4 kinds of robots which are a square bot, a buggy, a BTR, and a mini bot. Note that each robot has a distinct feature and power. For example, the square bot and mini top are the fastest robots while the BTR can suffer great damage. After selecting your favorite robot, you need to customize them. You can change its addon, turrets, and weapons. There are two kinds of weapons equipped on the robot. They are light weapons and weapons. The light weapons include A-16 Pulse Blaster, Surge Splitter, LX42 Speed Launcher, J9 Hero, and C14 Photon Blaster. The heavy weapons include X9 Plasma Rocket, T-60 Kinetic Rifle, Z5000 RapidFire, A14 Multi-Rocket, PK14 Pattern, SCR Gamut, Blaze B0, and SPRE 4D. You must choose two of these weapons to equip your robot.