EvoWars io

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EvoWars io is a multiplayer game for evolution. Your characters will fight and evolve after killing an enemy or gathering enough energy in 3 modes. Transform into your character and join these fierce battles!

All Modes Of EvoWars io

This game offers you 3 modes: FFA, Teams, and Offline. Each mode will give you its own characteristics.

  • FFA Mode is the basic mode where you will join a 10-minute match. In this match, players can respawn endlessly until the time is up. When the time runs out, the player with the most points wins.
  • Teams Mode gives you cooperative gameplay to destroy the opposing team. Especially, this mode will give you different maps with unique objectives. Each participation will bring you new surprises.
  • Offline Mode allows you to fight against an AI opponent. All other features are the same as FFA mode. The only difference is your enemy.

These 3 modes have their own rules, but the gameplay and controls are similar.

Gameplay And Controls

When entering the matches, you will control your character to eat blobs and fight other players. Light spots will help you accumulate points to evolve and become a stronger character. You can track your evolution in the evolution bar at the bottom of the screen. Besides, you can also evolve by destroying other players. Killing opponents will give you more points.

To move, you just need to slide your mouse and click to attack.

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