Basketball Stars

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Basketball Stars is a basketball-related sports game with superpowers like power flames, super shoes, or frozen goals. With special conditions, can you win? In order to gain victory in this online game, you need to know all the rules.

All Basketball Stars Rules

The rules in Basketball Stars are divided into two parts: playing rules and scoring rules. These two rules apply in all puzzle modes.

Basketball Playing Rules

To join Basketball Stars matches, players need to control their character and throw the ball into the basket. How to control your character? How to put the ball into the basket?

To control your character, the game gives you arrow keys to move and a Z key to use superpower. Your character can move forward, backward, jump up, and bounce down. The jumping ability is extremely important because it will help you get the ball into the basket. If you are holding the ball, your character will throw the ball after each jump. As a result, it creates an opportunity for you to score points.

In addition, a great advantage to score points is to use superpowers. These powers give you special abilities like accelerating, jumping higher, freezing your goal, or performing super throws. In these cases, it is difficult for your opponent to prevent you from scoring.

Basketball Stars Scoring Principles

This basketball game has a simple scoring principle. Each time the ball is thrown into the basket corresponds to 1 point. Super throws receive 2+ points from the game. After a 1-minute match, the player with the most points will win. This principle helps basketball matches become more fair. Players can also join World's Hardest Game to receive absolute fairness principles from the online gaming world.

Achievements and Modes

In Basketball Stars, you can also conquer many achievements through different modes. There are simple achievements but there are also difficult achievements.

Examples of simple achievements:

  • Gold Cup: Win Gold Cup in 1 vs 1 mode.
  • Gold Cup 2: Win Gold Cup in 2 vs 2 mode.
  • Sniper: Make 20 three-pointers.
  • Buzzer Beater: Score 5 times after the final buzzer.

Examples of difficult achievements:

  • Hard Gold Cup: Win Gold Cup in 1vs 1 Hard mode.
  • Hard Tournament Leader: Score 150 points in one tournament in Hard mode.
  • Hard Match Leader: Score 25 points in one match in Hard mode.

You can achieve these achievements through modes such as 1 Player, 2 Players, and Quick Match.