Basket Bros

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Choose a basketball player and customize your character before entering intense Basket Bros matches. Duel basketball battles are waiting for you to win. Like Big Shot Boxing, you can play another sports game.

Customize Your Basketball Player

In Basket Bros, you can customize your character first before entering official basketball matches. You can choose one of the famous basketball players. Initially, the game offers 4 available characters. Over time, you can unlock many other characters for basketball players.

In addition, you can choose outfits for your basketball players such as shirts, pants, socks, and shoes. These items are available or locked depending on the item. You also can customize these items with different colors.

How to Play Basket Bros

Entering this sports game, you can choose one of 3 modes: 1 Player, 2 Players, and Tournament. In each mode, you need to control your player character to score as many points as possible in 4 minutes.

To control the basketball character, players need to use the following two controllers: WASD + G and Arrow + L. These controllers are used for all matches in Basket Bros.