Big Shot Boxing

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Play Big Shot Boxing to join boxing matches with different roles such as new, pro, or retired boxer. Choose the right option for you and start fighting.

Roles In Big Shot Boxing

When participating in this online game, players can play many different roles such as new, pro, or retired boxers. With different roles, you will participate in different boxing matches.

For example, when you become a pro boxer, you will participate in professional matches. However, your ranking is only in the top 20. To get to the top, you need to defeat the players above to get a higher ranking.

In addition, if you become a new boxer, you will start with zero rank to gradually conquer each level.

How to Fight Like a Boxer

The fighting way in this boxing game is different from the Retro Bowl game. Let's learn the Big Shot Boxing gameplay together before playing official matches!

How To Fight In Big Shot Boxing

Players need to control their characters to defeat their opponents with boxing skills. With these skills, you need to apply them at the appropriate time to take down opponents as quickly as possible.

When attacking opponents, you should pay attention to your health level. You need to exhaust your health bar to win in Big Shot Boxing.

How To Control Your Boxer

  • Z - Block
  • X - Undercut
  • Left Arrow - Cross
  • Right Arrow - Jab