Wordle Unlimited

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Wordle Unlimited is an endless version of the Wordle game where you need to find the target word through 6 tries. This game won't limit your play times per day! When coming to this new version, you still follow the same rules as the original volume.

Same Rules As Wordle

The new game still follows two basic principles: find the target word to win and have 6 chances to try. Each round is played with 6 tries. If you want to win, you need to find the target word after the 6th try. These two principles were started in the original Wordle version and they are still maintained with this new version.

Besides, other basic principles are also necessary to follow. You should pay attention to the number of letters in each word. Each word has only 5 letters and they can belong to any field. After filling in the letters in the blank cells, just press the Enter key. If the word is in the world list, you will receive the result back via color. Green represents the letter in the correct position. Yellow represents letters in the wrong position and gray represents letters that do not appear in the target word. The color that appears after each trial is an important factor in finding the target word.

Play Freely With Wordle Unlimited

With this unlimited version, you can play multiple times a day. This feature is completely different from the original version because the original version only allows you to complete the goal once a day. This new version will entertain you and satisfy your needs throughout the day.