Undertale Last Breath

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Undertale Last Breath is an extremely challenging game to fight Sans's dangerous attacks through 3 stages with 2 options: Pacifist or Genocide. Are you ready to challenge your skills through all stage's challenges?

All Undertale Last Breath Stages

In this online game, you will experience 3 stages with ultimate challenges. To overcome them, you will need your own strategies.

Challenges in Each Stage

In each stage of Undertale Last Breath, you will face dangers from Sans, your enemy. Sans will attack through lasers or deadly obstacles.

  • LASERS: Sans uses multiple lasers at once. It's not like Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit where you just have to conquer one obstacle at a time. In particular, these laser beams are projected from one location to another and they overlap each other. You only have small safe spaces to move around.
  • OBSTACLES: Obstacles will never appear one at a time. Instead, a series of moving obstacles will appear at the same time. In particular, they can appear both above and below to challenge you.

With these 2 main dangers, how to complete a stage?

How to Conquer Undertale Last Breath

To conquer this challenging game, you need to move your heart to avoid Sans's attacks. You can use the arrow keys to move your heart. As you can know, Sans's attacks are very dangerous and complex. If your health bar is depleted, the game will be over. Therefore, to survive, avoid them.

It is not easy to avoid dangers in Undertale Last Breath. However, you can observe the positions of the minions and predict the positions of lasers and obstacles. This way will help you conquer this game more easily.

2 Options: Pacifist or Genocide

These two options are also notable in Undertale Last Breath. Each choice will take you to a different storyline.

  • Pacifist: Sans is curious about your gentleness and kindness. You treat people so well after all they've done to you.
  • Genocide: You're an assassin, but you killed the wrong person. This makes Sans angry and sends you on deadly quests.

Before entering the stages, you just need to press the P key to select Pacifist or the O key to select Genocide. After that, use the arrow keys to move forward and meet Sans.