Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook is a rope swing game with a stickman character. Your character can curl up like a ball or swing through checkpoints to reach the finish line! This character will bring you many surprises with his abilities! Let's learn together!

Stickman Abilities

As you can know, your character is a stickman with 2 main abilities: swinging and curling. This character can appear in many other games. One of the most popular games is War of Sticks where stickmen are divided into many types with many different abilities such as collecting gold, using bows and arrows, using stone hammers, and using fire guns to join intense fighting battles between blue and red teams to gain victory. Coming to the Stickman Hook game, you still control your stickman but there are new abilities for you to experience.

  • The first outstanding ability is swinging. When approaching a checkpoint, your character can throw the rope and swing. This moving way is suitable for this game's environment. In the game, there is no road and everything is suspended in the air. Therefore, you need to swing a rope to move from one checkpoint to another. Besides, your ability is also very flexible as you can start or end the swing at any time. You just need to press the left mouse button to swing and release it to release.
  • Your second possibility is to roll around like a ball. When you finish swinging, the stickman immediately turns into a ball and it can roll while moving on the slopes. Besides, a ball-shaped stickman can also withstand more collisions during the rope swing.

These two abilities are extremely important and it is necessary to conquer all the levels.

All Levels Of Stickman Hook

All levels in online games have a finish line. You just need to control your stickman to safely reach this finish line to win. Note that don't let your stickman fall into empty areas. Besides, items such as jumping pads or platforms can support your move.