Stack Colors

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Stack Colors is a running game with a stickman with the ability to change colors and stack platforms of the same color. Run to the end and kick all forward! Are you ready to join a thrilling run with this special character?

Your Special Character

The special character in this Stack Colors game is a stickman with two main abilities: changing colors and collecting platforms. When the character moves through the light walls, the stickman will change color based on the color of the light. Usually, you will see 3 main colors: green, blue, and yellow.

Next, this character can collect and stack a lot of platforms. The number of platforms can reach hundreds of platforms. Stickman can collect and move in such a large amount. However, there are a few notes to stacking platforms.

Stack Colors Notes

There are 3 important notes for all players. First, collect platforms of the same color as the stickman character. Only platforms of the same color will bring you value. In particular, when you move through light walls, the change in color of the stickman will lead to a change in the collection target.

Second, you should avoid obstacles and different colored platforms. Obstacles will result in a game over while platforms of different colors will reduce the number of collected platforms. Finally, before ending the game, click multiple times to create a force and kick all the platforms forward. Your points will be multiplied.