Spiral Roll

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Spiral Roll is a single-player destination scrolling game. This game becomes special when you use a chisel to create wooden rolls and destroy obstacles. This online game includes many levels with the same gameplay.

All Levels Of Spiral Roll

Welcome to the exciting challenge of this new game where you can participate in many different levels! The number of levels is countless, so you can freely challenge yourself. At each level, you will be immersed in a virtual world with 4 basic characteristics.

  • A chisel is your means of transportation on the roads.
  • The wooden planks will become your path.
  • Obstacles are randomly placed on the way.
  • The destination is at the end of each level with scoreboards.

Each level has all of these elements to create a complete challenge. After 5 levels, you will advance to a new environment with a new background. So what is the role of these factors? Let's learn about the gameplay for more details.

Scrolling Gameplay

In the Spiral Roll game, you will control the chisel by holding and pressing the left mouse button. When you press the left mouse button, the chisel will touch the wooden panels and create wooden rolls. These scrolls are very important because they can help you destroy and overcome obstacles. Besides, the wooden scroll needs to reach the destination to complete a level. If your chisel reaches its destination without wooden rolls, you will fail and need to restart this level.

During control, you can release the left mouse button to create wooden rolls of different sizes. Controlling their size can help you overcome various obstacles.