Skibidi Rush

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Skibidi Rush is a fun driving game with a toilet called Skibidi. Control Skibidi and run on endless platforms to avoid falling and get the highest score. Are you ready to challenge yourself with this special character?

Special Character - Skibidi

Skibidi is the main character in this Skibidi Rush game. He always leaves a lot of impression on players thanks to his special appearance. Skibidi is a black man with short hair. They are normal features. However, the specialness is his body. His body was hidden in a toilet. As a result, the players only see his head emerge from a toilet.

Why is there such a special character? It is simple to explain. The developer wants to create a unique character with high recognition. This character is a unique creation with the developer's own imprint.

Way To Play Skibidi Rush

To play this driving game, you just need to click to change the direction of your character's movement while Skibidi moves on the platforms. After each click, he will automatically turn left or right depending on the platforms.

Platforms are your path. They have two main characteristics: infinity and complexity. This path will last forever if you can control your character safely. Besides, single platforms will combine with each other and create unique turns. With these challenges, you need to flexibly control the Skibidi character to go as far as possible and achieve high scores. You can restart the Skibidi Rush game continuously to continue your race after each failure!