Red And Blue Stickman 2

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The gameplay of Red And Blue Stickman 2

Are you ready for exciting adventures and breathtaking boss fights in Red And Blue Stickman 2? Explore mysterious castles and battle with bosses now.

Join the adventure

In this game, you will help two stickman heroes discover mysterious castles. These castles hide many gold coins. Therefore, you must go around to collect as many coins as possible. After collecting all coins, you must collect two keys because these keys can be used to open the exit portals. Next, run to the exit portals safely to escape from the castles. Along the way, you must watch out for dangers such as water and lava pools. Note that the red stickman can go over the lava pool safely while the blue stickman can touch the water. However, the red stickman will get hurt if this character touches the water. Similarly, the blue stickman will die if this character falls into the lava pool. Therefore, you must control two stickmen to stay away from danger. Besides, you can collect power-ups such as magnets, power drinks, and hearts. You can use the magnet to attract all nearby coins easily. If you drink the power drink, you will become extremely strong and can save people imprisoned in the cage. Besides, do not forget to collect hearts to have more chances to revive.

In the castles, you can see some eggs. The pets will hatch from these eggs and they will follow you during the adventure. Some pets will assist you a lot. For example, a Beelzebub will help to automatically collect coins near it. A Peace Maker can help you revive once in a level.

Join the fight

Besides exciting adventures, this game also offers thrilling boss fights. You can enter the arena and fight against many bosses. If you can defeat them, you will claim many coins and treasure chests. If you fail, you can use your coins to upgrade your power and then join the fights again. Do your best to win all fights to prove that you are the best fighter.

How to control

Press the A-D or left-right arrow keys to move.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

More exciting facts about Red And Blue Stickman 2

The lucky wheel

Every day, you can spin the lucky wheel to claim surprising rewards such as coins, hearts, and skins. Remember that you can spin one time for free each day. If you spin the lucky wheel more, you must pay your coins.

The skin shop

In the skip shop, you can find many skins for your characters. These skins are classified into three kinds including premium skins, rescue skins, and coin skins. You can get the premium skins by uncovering the hidden cards. If you want to get the rescue skins, you must participate in the adventure and save other stickmen in the castles. Finally, if you want to get coin skins, you can use the coins you earned. Note that you are not allowed to choose your favorite skin to buy. Instead, you need to pay 25,000 coins to unlock a random skin. Interesting? Why don't you play this game now and have fun? Besides, remember to check out Bloxd io which is the best game on our website.