Pico Park

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Playable game modes in Pico Park

Play Pico Park which is a multiplayer action puzzle game now. Invite your friends to discover many worlds or participate in the battle with you.

If you are looking for a multiplayer game like Bloxd io, you should not ignore this game. This game is designed for 1-8 players to play. Therefore, you can invite up to 7 friends to play it with you. This game also has many game modes. You can choose between three interesting game modes.

World Mode

The first game mode in this game is the World Mode. This mode allows you to choose between 12 worlds. Each world features different obstacles.

  • Hello Pico Park: It is the easiest world because there is no obstacle in this world.
  • Go together: In this world, you and your friends will be connected to each other by a rope.
  • Time limit: In this world, you need to reach your destination within a limited time.
  • Gimmick gimmick: In this world, you will fly as a bird to reach the finish line.
  • All for one: In this world, you and your friends will take turns controlling your character.
  • Push or jump: In this world, you must jump and push objects to get a victory.
  • Move and stop: In this world, any movement can affect your winning chance.
  • Retro game: This world is designed based on the retro style and inspired by Tetris games.
  • Ballpark: In this world, you find the key to open the door and win. Note that the balls will be useful for you.
  • Two players: In this world, teamwork skills are appreciated. You must cooperate with another player to complete the mission as soon as possible.
  • Hand gimmick: In this world, you need to use your gun to absorb another player.

Battle Mode

The second game mode is the Battle Mode. This mode is only unlocked when two or more players play it. In this mode, you need to join four battles. The first one is the Height Battle. In this battle, you must jump on the head of other players to reach the highest within a limited time. The second one is the Region Battle in which you must capture other players' territories by hitting your ball into them. The third one is the Jump Battle. In this battle, your task is to evade cannonballs and become the last standing man. The final one is the Stop Watch Battle in which you need to compete with other players to press the button closest to 0.01 second. Can you win all the battles and become the ultimate victor?

Endless Mode

The final game mode in this game is Endless Mode. Like the Battle Mode, this game mode also takes you to different battles. However, the battles in this mode are endless.

  • Endless jump: This battle requires you to stay away from the ball because this ball makes your score reduce..
  • Endless puzzle: In this battle, you and your friends need to cooperate to build blocks.
  • Endless scroll: In this battle, you need to fly and dodge dangerous traps along the way.
  • Endless plane: In this battle, your task is to drive your plane to fly as far as possible. Try not to hit the wall if you do not want to lose. Note that you and other players are connected with each other by a string.

How to control

Press the A-D keys to move.

Press a W key to jump.