Papa's Pizzeria

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Join Papa's Pizzeria to become Roy and take Papa Louie's place to manage a pizzeria. Meeting customers' pizza requests will help you receive a lot of tips! This game belongs to the Papa's series with various versions and Papa's Pancakeria is also one of the most popular cooking volumes of this series.

The Origins of Roy's Work

Roy is a delivery boy at Papa's Pizzeria, a Papa Louie's pizza shop. Every day, Roy brings pizza orders to customers. Today, Roy started his new working day, but there is no Papa Louie at the store. Roy finds a note that Papa Louie has started a new journey and Papa's Pizzeria is now under Roy's management. Too familiar with Papa Louie's lifestyle, Roy had to take over the pizzeria business.

Papa's Pizzeria Management

Management is not simple because you need to do all the restaurant work without support. Roy is responsible for 4 stations and you will support him to serve all customers.

Missions In 4 Stations

  • The first station is the Order Station where you receive customer requests about toppings, cooking time, and the number of pizza pieces. These requirements will be very specific and you need to pay attention to them in the next stages.
  • Topping Station is the next stage to make pizza. Click on the Make Pizza button to place a pizza crust and cheese on the table. After that, place the required toppings in the correct position. After completing the topping, press the Into Oven button to move to the next step.
  • The next stage is the Baking Station where you bake the pizza in a hot oven. In this stage, you just need to wait until the pizza is cooked and left-click to move to the next stage.
  • Cutting Station is the final stage where you cut the pizza into many different pieces. The number of pizza pieces is also required on the order form.

Papa's Pizzeria Notes

When participating in this management game, you need to make orders one after another. Especially, when there are many customers, the number of orders is very large. You need to know how to arrange and execute them one after another to serve customers as quickly as possible. The time to complete an order is also an important factor in receiving customer satisfaction. Customers will get impatient and angry if you keep them waiting too long.

Besides, when performing tasks at Stations, you also need to pay attention to some details. For example, at Topping Station, you should pay attention to arranging the toppings to meet the customer's requirements. Besides that, you also need to make sure the toppings are arranged beautifully. Or at Cutting Station, making beautiful cuts and dividing pizza into equal pieces perfectly also helps you get more money.