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Let's play Murder to become a king or an assassin online. The king needs to be alert to detect the assassin while assassin needs to destroy the king silently. Although this new game is competitive, but it's not as competitive as Fish Eat Fish.

About Murder

Are you ready to become a king or an assassin? In this Murder game, each player will be assigned a specific role and unique goal.

Role Of King

If you become the king, your mission is to be vigilant and detect the assassin among other players. You need to use your observation, analysis, and talent to find out who the assassin is and protect your life. You can interact with other characters, gather information, and build strategies to destroy enemies.

Role Of Assassin

On the contrary, if you play the role of an assassin, your goal is to kill the king without being detected. You need to quietly approach and find a way to assassinate your target without revealing your identity. Use the ability to hide, manipulate delicately, and choose the right time to perform your actions.

What You Get

The Murder game creates a tense and challenging environment where your intelligence, observation, and judgment are put to the test. This game is fun because each game is different with random roles and story progression.