Lighthouse Havoc

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Lighthouse Havoc is a horror escaping game where you need to escape from a lighthouse attacked by a group of dangerous monsters. Run now before danger's coming! This escaping game will challenge even the most brave players.

Horror Lighthouse in Lighthouse Havoc

In this online game, you are in a strange lighthouse and you don't know the location of the exit. In particular, this lighthouse is unusual because you are in the apocalypse. You are one of the last survivors and hid in this lighthouse.

However, it is unfortunate that the monsters have discovered you. They are always looking for and attacking you. Their appearance can scare you while their strength will hurt you. The lighthouse has been surrounded by monsters. In particular, the game uses a third-person perspective, so the game becomes more realistic and scary than ever. Quickly escape from this dangerous place!

Escaping Ways

To escape from this Lighthouse Havoc game, you will need to perform two main tasks: destroy monsters and find a way out.

Destroy Monsters

Destroying monsters is an important task to protect yourself. These monsters always attack you and they move quite fast. Therefore, the most effective way is to destroy them.

How to destroy these monsters?

You can kill monsters by shooting with the left mouse button. With each click, you can shoot bullets. Aim at the monsters and shoot them down. Note that the number of bullets is limited and you need to wait for the bullets to reload.

The Lighthouse Havoc Exit

The way out of the lighthouse is a secret. You need to find its location to escape. Therefore, while fighting, you should also move quickly to search. To move, you can use the WASD keys. Each lighthouse has only one exit and you can advance to a new level once you find this exit.

After conquering all levels in this Lighthouse Havoc game, you can join the racing Madalin Stunt Cars game for healing.