Idle Mining Empire

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Idle Mining Empire is a mining simulation game where you will hire workers and dig deep underground to collect resources and grow your business. This game is attractive with its addictive gameplay.

Idle Mining Empire Gameplay

This online game has an idle-clicking gameplay where you will perform simple tasks that can be automated. First, you can use the first $10 to open a new shaft. After that, click on your character to start mining and collecting minerals. Then, click on the elevator to bring the minerals to the surface and sell them. The 3 stages including mining, transportation, and selling all have 3 different workers to undertake this work. Keep clicking on these workers to repeat the process and gain more profits.

Besides, the idle gameplay stands out with its automation capabilities. After you make enough money, you can hire managers to automate the process. The workers will automatically do their work instead of having to click on each character. Automation will bring you many benefits including mining more minerals and making more profits.

Upgrades For Mining

Besides hiring managers, you can also perform upgrades to increase the game's mining productivity. First, don't forget to open more new shafts and workers to increase the exploitation chain. Second, upgrade the level of each worker to increase the productivity of each person. Finally, upgrading managers will help increase the working speed of workers.

These upgrades are necessary to generate more profits from mining. You can absolutely become a billionaire in this Idle Mining Empire game with mining!