Hungry Shark Arena

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Hungry Shark Arena takes place in intense underwater battles between online players. Become a shark warrior and win against formidable opponents.

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Formidable Shark Opponents

This Online game is an underwater arena where battles between sharks take place. Each player will transform into a shark and fight with other players. When you participate in this multiplayer game, you will face all those players who have extraordinary powers.

First, players have the power of a shark with the ability to swim and attack. Players can move freely in the vast ocean without any obstacles. In addition, sharks are famous for their terrifying attack ability and your opponents also inherit that ability. Second, your opponents are all online players, so the battles become more intense.

However, you also have the same swimming and attacking abilities as other players, so be confident in showing your bravery.

Abilities In Hungry Shark Arena

In this shark game, players possess two abilities: swimming and attacking.

Shark's Swimming Ability

A shark is a sea animal with the ability to swim fast and you can swim like that too in this Hungry Shark Arena game. However, the players need to avoid obstacles. To swim, you just need to move your mouse and the shark will swim according to that control.

Attack In Hungry Shark Arena

Players can attack other sea creatures and other players by holding down the left mouse button. However, to be able to attack, you need to be bigger than your opponent.