Hover Racer Drive

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Hover Racer Drive is a high-speed driving game with a spaceship. Move forward as far as possible while collecting energy circles and avoiding collisions. This game will bring you various exciting experiences through this driving gameplay.

Spaceship Driving Gameplay

In Hover Racer Drive, your vehicle is a spaceship and your mission is to control the spaceship to move forward safely. All your moves need to avoid colliding with obstacles. If you collide, the spaceship will be damaged immediately and the game will be over. Besides, while moving, you should also pay attention to energy circles. Collect them to increase your achievements. Although your score is calculated based on the distance you travel, the circles will help increase your score significantly.

With this gameplay, players will be impressed by the challenges from speed and obstacles. However, these challenges will create a thrilling journey for your spaceship. Therefore, start this journey now to enjoy the best experiences!

How To Control Hover Racer Drive

To control your spaceship, you just need to use the WASD keys or the arrow keys. This control is familiar to many online players and it is also easy to learn for new players. Therefore, this driving is suitable for all players to navigate the spaceship and immerse in speed races.