Hacker Typer

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Hacker Typer is a simulation game where you can create unique codes and try them out to enjoy the special graphics and effects from your coding process. If you think programming is difficult and boring, let's come to this online game to feel its fun.

Way To Play Hacker Typer

The way to play this new game is simple as you just need to type the codes with the keyboard. The codes will be displayed on the screen immediately. Besides, the game will assist you in executing the codes more accurately by giving the codes corresponding to the typed characters.

While coding, you also need to pay attention to some hotkeys to help you increase interaction with the game.

  • Ctrl H - Help
  • Ctrl R - Free Make Money Newsletter
  • Ctrl N - NeonMod

In particular, when you open the Help section, you will receive instructions to use Hacker Typer. It is helpful for players who are participating in this online game for the first time.

What To Play This Game For

When you join this Hacker Typer game, you can transform into a coder, a dream job of many players. The game will create a free professional environment for you to realize your passions. Besides, if you are a coder, you can practice and improve your abilities with special support. After coding, enjoy your achievements with eye-catching neon graphics and effects.