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Play Gourdlets to build your dream city by starting with a deserted island and using the available materials in your inventory to create a beautiful city!

Gourdlets Introduction

This online game also belongs to the construction genre like Bloxd io but it is much more peaceful because players do not need to fight to survive.

This new game is an innovative video game where players will build a beautiful city for the gourdlets. Gourdlets are known as little pumpkin-shaped creatures. In this game, these adorable creatures will be continuously delivered to your city by sea train.

City-Building Gameplay

In Gourdlets, the main task of the players is to build a city.

How To Build A City

In Gourdlets, you can build and create a city with a lot of materials from the game. Starting the game, you only own a small island in the sea. There aren't any creatures or objects. However, gourdlets will soon be brought here, so build and expand the island quickly.

To completely expand the island, you can buy small plots of land. To build, buy items such as flowers, plants, flowers, lights and other items.

Attention For Gourdlets

When building, players can use available items for free. These items are very diverse in style and color. In addition, during the development process, your city may appear with other new items.

Gourdlets creatures will quickly come to your city continuously. Let's ensure a living environment for them and create a beautiful city!