Google Baseball

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Google Baseball is an online sports game with Google's development. Become cute characters and hit balls following baseball rules to gain points! When joining this baseball, the first impressive is the game graphics.

Graphics Of Google Baseball

The graphics of this sports game create deep impressions on players thanks to their beautiful and impressive design. Cartoon-like designs help the game create a friendly environment for entertainment. Besides, the characters are very adorable and diverse. The characters are inspired by familiar objects such as ice cream, broccoli, or twisted candy. These characters always dance to the music. The vibrant life and sports style will leave you with unforgettable impressions.

In-Game Baseball Matches

Online baseball matches will adhere to the basic principles of a real baseball match. There will be offensive and defensive teams. In this Google Baseball game, you will be the attacking team. The defensive team consists of 8 peanuts: 1 peanut that throws the ball and 7 peanuts that catch the ball. When the peanut throws the ball, you need to hit the ball and run to the marked locations. Completing 4 milestones, you will win 1 run, equivalent to 1 point. If you fail to hit the ball, you lose an opportunity. After 3 chances, the game will end.

This baseball game goes on endlessly until you use up all 3 chances. Therefore, this online game is a great opportunity for you to practice your baseball abilities. In particular, peanuts will throw the ball with many methods. Your improvisation skills will be tested!