Go Kart Go! Ultra!

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The gameplay of Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Go Kart Go! Ultra! is a thrilling racing game made by Xform. Transform into an animal character and participate in exciting kart races in 6 maps.

Join the races

In this game, you will get a chance to join thrilling kart races with the other 7 professional racers. In a race, your mission is to drive your kart to race on a winding racetrack. Your goal is to complete three laps in the shortest time. You must be careful with obstacles along the way because they will slow down your speed. Moreover, you also need to take caution with other players because they can attack you at any time. You can collect gift boxes along the way to get power-ups and weapons. You can use these weapons to attack other racers to make them go off the racetrack and decrease their speed. Meanwhile, the power-ups can help to protect your kart from the damage of obstacles and boost your speed dramatically. Note that another thing that helps to raise your speed is the turbo pads. If you go through them, your kart will pick up speed and you can overtake your opponents. You will win if you are one of the three fastest racers. In addition, you also need to collect as many stars as possible along the racetrack.

Unlock new characters and maps

This game has 9 maps including Old Station, Central Park, Watermill Mine, Sacred Grounds, Mexican Village, Racetracks, Candy Mountains, Treetops, and Fireland. You must join the races on these maps and try to gather as many stars as possible. These stars can be used to unlock new characters. There are 9 characters in this game. They are Rhino Bert, Albert von Schwein, Freddy Flamingo, Elton The Dog, Sonny Crocker, Monkeyboy, Eugene, Bruno, Jimmy Cats.

How to control

Single Player Mode

Press the arrow keys to drive your kart to race.

Press the spacebar to use weapons.

Press a Z key to jump.

Two Player Mode

Player 1: Press the arrow keys to move.

Player 2: Press the WASD keys to move.

Reasons you should try Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Many game modes

Like Bloxd io, this game also has many game modes. When playing this game, you can choose between two game modes which are Single Player Mode and Two-Player Mode. If you choose the Single Mode, you must take part in the races with the other 7 computer players. However, if you choose the Two-Player mode, you can participate in the races with your friend and the other 6 computer players. In this mode, you are not allowed to use weapons to attack other racers. Do your best to be the first one to finish three laps.

Many achievements

One interesting thing about this game is achievements. In this game, you must complete 10 achievements.

  • Grand Prix Game: You must be one of the three fastest racers in the first race to gain this achievement.
  • Snail Trophy: This achievement will be unlocked after you lose one race.
  • Speed Demon: Do your best to beat all racetrack records to earn this achievement.
  • Presents Panic: Try to collect 100 items to get this achievement.
  • Predator On Wheels: If you can hit 25 rivals, you will gain this achievement.
  • Nitro Maniac: To unlock this achievement, you must drive over 100 turbo pads.
  • Track Master: To gain this achievement, you have to unlock all tracks.
  • Kart Superstar: Try to unlock all characters to gain this achievement.
  • Go Kart Go! Champion: Try your best to win 100 races to unlock this achievement.
  • Top Of The Hill: You must finish 1st on all tracks to gain this achievement.