Getting Over It

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Getting Over It is an adventure with a yellow cat sitting in a pot. You only can use a hammer and your hand force to move forward and overcome complex terrain. This game is not easy because of the special moving way.

The Special Moving Way

As you can know, the main character in this Getting Over It game is a yellow cat with special characteristics. The upper body of the cat is nothing special, but the lower body gives players a challenge. It always sits in a pot, so the cat can't move on its paws. Instead of legs, it uses a hammer to grasp objects and use force to push or pull. Thanks to the effect of force, the cat can move in the target direction. However, this move brings a lot of difficulties and challenges for online players.

The Challenges Of Getting Over It

The first challenge is how to move. As mentioned above, you need to control your character to move with a hammer. You can't run in the usual way. This will be difficult because this move is not familiar to the players.

The second challenge is the terrain. The terrain of this Getting Over It game is made up of many objects and they are arranged according to random rules to form a special terrain. You may have to climb over tall mountains or roll down steep slopes.