Eggy Car

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Eggy Car is a car-controlling game with special gameplay: protect the vulnerable egg against the complex of terrains to reach the furthest distance. Instead of running as fast as possible, you have to move as carefully as possible. Let's play immediately to enjoy the special gameplay!

Special Gameplay Of Eggy Car

The specialness of this game is shown through the gameplay when you need to control your car carefully to protect the egg. The egg will be placed on the car. With the vibration when moving, the egg will also be moved. You need to skillfully control so that the egg does not fall from the car. If the egg falls, the game is over.

In particular, you have to face many challenges when the game has many different terrains. Cars can climb uphill or downhill. These terrains can easily cause the egg to fall out of the car, so you need to be very skillful to control it.

Ways To Control Your Car

There are many ways to control your car. You can use the AD key or Left and Right Arrows to move. Besides, the on-screen control keys are also ready to use. Besides controls, you can also unlock new cars from 200 to 1000 coins. Luxury cars will help you move more safely.