Duo Vikings 2

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Duo Vikings 2 is a cooperative game between two players to escape a maze full of dangers. Let's fight together and beat every level of this online game.

How to play

Let's learn about the controls of this Duo Vikings 2 game first.

How to control

  • Player 1 - WASD
  • Player 2 - ARROW KEYS

With two separate control keys, you can invite your friends together to join this Duo Vikings 2 game. This new game is attractive thanks to this 2-player feature. However, you can join Gulper.io to experience multiplayer gameplay.

Goal of Duo Vikings 2

Your goal is to get both characters to the destination.

Each character stands in a different position in the maze, so move them to get closer to the exit. During this move, the coins are also your target. You can collect coins by touching them.

After completing the above goal, you can proceed to the next levels. Conquer all the challenges and beat all the levels! You can follow the level list in the Map section.

Tips for Duo Vikings 2

The mazes in this online game are complex because they include many challenges and traps. In some cases, both characters need to work together to overcome challenges. For example, player 1 needs to press the door open button to allow player 2 to pass. These coordinated strategies are extremely necessary to win this adventure game.

In addition, you should also observe the entire map to understand the maze structure. Pay attention to traps and the exit to find the safest path.

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