Dino Game

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Dino Game is an online Trex-running game with endless races full of obstacles. Control your dinosaur's every jump to conquer the longest distances possible.

About This Online Game

This new game is a simple mini-game about a dinosaur. The original version is a game built into the Google Chrome browser when you don't have an Internet connection. However, online versions are released to meet the needs of Dino Game players.

How to Play Dino Game

When you enter this dino game, press the Space key or Up arrow key to turn on the Dino Game. The game will appear in your browser.

In the Dino Game, you control a small dinosaur and your task is to help it avoid obstacles by jumping over them. To jump, press the Space key or left click.

During the game, you will encounter obstacles such as cacti or birds. Jump over them by pressing the Space key. If you collide with an obstacle, the Dino Game will end.

Goal Of Dino Game

The goal of the game is to control your dinosaur to run as far as possible to achieve the highest score. As you go through obstacles, your score will increase. Try to beat your personal record or compare with your friends' scores.

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