Death Run 3D

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Death Run 3D is an ultimate speed game where you test your control skills with extreme challenges. Neon tunnels become more crowded with moving obstacles.

How to play Death Run 3D

To play this new game, the players need to control with arrow keys.

  • Up arrow = Move up
  • Down arrow = Move down
  • Left arrow = Move left
  • Right arrow = Move right

The number of control keys is more than Slope Game and of course, your challenges also become more difficult. You need to control flexibly to move into safe lanes. Normally, this Death Run 3D game only has 4 lanes and you need to choose one of the four lanes to move. Obstacles will move and stop in any lane. You need to avoid those lanes to move to the next challenges.

Outstanding running features

This 3D Death Run game has many outstanding features of an online game.

  • The controls are familiar, so players can easily control them.
  • The tunnels use neon colors to give you vibrant paths.
  • Obstacles are always the most difficult challenges because they can move and stop at any location.
  • This Death Run 3D game has 4 modes: Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper Maelstrom, and Hyper Superluminal.
  • The four modes all use the same controls and gameplay.

The tunnels are endless, so try to run as far as you can!