Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle video game series with thousands of candy-connecting levels. There are many kinds of candy and power-ups for you to match. No one can skip the attraction of this online game and it increasingly become popular in the gaming world. Let's start with the thrilling levels!

Candy-Connecting Levels

In Candy Crush Saga, there are thousands of levels where you can connect candy to complete a level. Each level will include a playing frame and candies. The playing frame will change with each level and there are many different types of candies. The candies will be distinguished by color and shape. Based on these characteristics, you need to match similar candies to create a standard set. A standard set will include 3 or more identical candies and they create vertical or horizontal lines.

Besides, each level requires the player to complete a task such as earning enough points or collecting enough candy. You need to achieve the goal within the turn limit. You should also be aware of some obstacles such as ice or honey. These items need to be broken before you can move the candies.

Power-ups Of Candy Crush Saga

Power-ups are created when you connect more than 3 candies and each powerup has different powers. Some typical powerups are Striped Candy, Wrapped Candy, Color Bomb, Jelly Fish, and Lucky Candy.

  • Striped Candy: Created by matching four candies of the same color in a row or column. When activated, it clears an entire row or column depending on its orientation.
  • Wrapped Candy: Formed by matching five candies in an L or T shape. When activated, it explodes, clearing the surrounding candies in a 3x3 area.
  • Color Bomb: Created by matching five candies of the same color in a row. When activated, it clears all candies of the same color from the board.
  • Jelly Fish: These power-ups are sometimes found in jelly levels. When activated, they swim across the board, clearing jelly squares or other obstacles.
  • Lucky Candy: These special candies contain helpful items such as striped candies, color bombs, or other power-ups. When matched, they reveal their contents.